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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Celebrity Makeup Artist Ramy Gafni Gives Back!

Ramy Gafni with beautiful client Taylor Swift
While surfing Tonic.com, a website dedicated to promoting good news stories from around the world, I came across an article on Celebrity Makeup Artist Ramy Gafni. Ramy has worked with everyone from Britney Spears to Cher, and his specialty is shaping eyebrows using his own very specific techniques.  He works out of his Manhattan location: Ramy Spa on East 31st Street New York.  What impressed me most about Ramy is his own personal story – his struggle with cancer – how he used the experience to grow as a person and artist (while watching his dreams manifest before his eyes), and what he has been and is doing to give back and make the world a beautiful place.

Because many of my readers are interested in makeup artistry as a career path, I first asked Ramy how he got started in makeup. On the path to becoming a lawyer, Ramy decided to listen to his heart and his dreams to follow what he felt was his TRUE path and destiny. He told me:

Ramy Gafni with beautiful client Rihanna
Ramy:I dropped out of Law School in New York and moved to Australia. [I] ended up going to beauty school in Sydney and then apprenticing well known makeup artists there as well. I returned to New York, and on the advice of one of my mentors, got a job in retail (Barney's) to hone my skills at the counter while developing my editorial career.

Me: Ramy, what advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists?

Ramy: Never stop learning! When you think you know it all, it's the beginning of the end. Products are constantly being innovated and new styles and techniques and trends are always evolving. [Y]ou must evolve as a makeup artist to truly be great.

Me: That is very true. As far as your work in the entertainment industry - You have worked with many well-known figures. Who are you most proud to have worked on?

Ramy: I have many favorites, but the one I was most excited about is Cher. I grew up watching and idolizing her, [so] to have her tell me that she loves my foundation was absolutely surreal.
Me: Tell us about your makeup line Ramy Cosmetics. Which items are currently your favorites?
Ramy: My philosophy is "Minimum Makeup, Maximum Impact!" I believe that people should notice you, not your makeup. That said, I also believe makeup and beauty should be fun! My current favorite products are the new OMG! - Over Mascara Glitter and liner. It looks like it might be too sparkly or glittery in the packaging, but when applied to the eyes its absolute Magic! It also has the only applicator that applies to lashes and works as an eyeliner applicator.

I also like my new Lucky Lips Collection – it’s a line of new lip glosses with HD reflectors that are so moisturizing and conditioning and not at all sticky - a real innovation for lip gloss!

Me: Ramy, Please tell us about CancerCare and your involvement with the organization.
Ramy: I survived a bout of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma 12 years ago. I went through five months of chemo and then a month of daily radiation. I went to work every day during treatment, completely bald. I was Makeup Director at a top Fifth Avenue Salon. Towards the end of my treatment, the salon fired me, saying, "You're not the pretty boy we hired".
Devastated, I began working out of my apartment and continued to see my clients. I decided to start my own line of cosmetics and RAMY beauty therapy was born! A year later, I formally launched the line at Bergdorf Goodman and the salon that fired me went out of business the same month.
I attended a fundraiser for the Race for the cure and met people who suggested I volunteer at CancerCare. I started teaching free monthly classes there for people living with cancer - how to look and feel your best while in treatment or right after treatment. I also published a book on the subject in 2005.

I felt that I was lucky, since as a makeup artist I knew what to do to counteract the dark circles and other physical side effects of treatment, and I wanted to share that knowledge with real people living with cancer who don't know about makeup.
People can watch my DVD chapters (both for people with Cancer and for everyone else) for free on the "Ramy on TV" page on www.RAMY.com

Me: What other organizations do you currently volunteer your time with?
Ramy: I partnered with Dina Manzo of the Real housewives of NJ to develop a lip gloss where proceeds will go to her Project Ladybug organization for sick children. I was on the board for Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure for several years and am now in talks with them about working together again. I was recently nominated for Man of the Year by the Lymphoma Leukemia Society and I'm trying to raise $20,000. for them by May, 2011.

Me:  What are a couple of tips/suggestions that you have for those who are undergoing chemo and want to use makeup to enhance their self-esteem during times of facial hair loss (i.e. eyebrows)?
Ramy: Keep it simple. Use makeup to counteract your physical side effects of treatment. Fill in eyebrows if needed, use eyeliner (not false lashes) to fake a lash line.
Add bronzer or blush to your complexion to counteract sallowness or paleness.
Add a colorless (white) highlighter to eyes and cheeks to wake up tired eyes and fake a healthy glow. Concealer around entire orb of eyes is your best friend.
Choose a brighter-than-your-usual lip color.
To fill eyebrows: If your brows are completely gone, choose a color that matches your hair color. If your brows are just a bit more sparse, but still have hair, opt for a color that’s two shades lighter than your hair color. Use a wax based product that will adhere to skin (not powder). When in doubt, choose a taupe shade, which is universally flattering and neutral.

Me: Anything else that you would like to share?

Ramy: For Cancer patients, remember the physical side effects are temporary and will soon be a distant memory. For everyone else, it never hurts to visit a pro once in awhile (even if you are a pro yourself!), you may learn about a new color or technique or walk away with the best eyebrows of your life. Remember, the most important beauty tool is an open mind!
You can visit Ramy’s website at:

Rami Gafni Eyebrow Transformation!


  1. Excellent interview, Debbie - Bravo! Ramy is an inspiration to us all and so are you by sharing his message. LOVE the brighter-than-usual color for lips during treatment, so encouraging for recovering women to feel fab. Thank you!

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