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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Heart of Fashion - Jeannie Mai

Can you imagine waiting until you are 36 years old and on national television before you actually hear your mother tell you, for the very first time, "I love you"? 

This is exactly what I just witnessed on one of my favorite shows "How Do I Look?" on the Style Network.  Stay with me here - the title of the show does nothing to capture the beauty of the inward transformations and healing that occur on every episode. 

Rather than simply critique someone's fashion sense, make her over into someone she is not, and then have the person inevitably return to her old ways, host Jeannie Mai helps her guests discover who they really are and how some of the ways that they present themselves outwardly are holding them back from growing.

Some guests are stuck in a decade that they remember being happy. They want to retain those memories by dressing as if, for example, it's still 1982.  This may be off-putting to potential employers, or their children may be embarrassed to have them show up at school. 

Some guests wear very revealing, inappropriate clothes no matter where they go or what the occasion. This may make their spouse or relatives feel very uncomfortable. Often times, the guests will say that they do not believe that how they are dressing (presenting themselves to the world outwardly) has any real negative effect on their lives. This is where Jeannie Mai steps in. 

Jeannie is a fashionista, but I think of her more as a "Life Stylist." She engages and befriends her guests during their journeys, and she prepares a social exercise for each of them, designed to open their eyes to how their choice of clothing affects others' perception of them and how this may be holding them back.

Jeannie Mai, from the hit show "How Do I Look?"

Guests will often reply (and I must admit, I shared this viewpoint until I watched my very first episode of "How Do I Look?"): "I don't care. If people want to judge me, that's their problem," but, the truth is, we live in a judgmental world. 

People, including us, naturally make judgments all day long. 

If you see a woman dressed in stilettos, a short leather miniskirt, and a brassiere at your child's daycare center, would you feel comfortable leaving your son or daughter in her care? The fact is, there are appropriate, socially accepted dress codes, and people trust people who "look the part."

After Jeannie takes the guest through an experiment, the guest almost always has her "a-ha" moment, and only then does she go on to try a variety of wardrobes and choose a hairstyle to compliment her new fashion. At the end of the show, the guest reveals her new look the world - but it doesn't end there. 

Throughout the journey, Jeannie picks up on cues from her conversations with the participant. Perhaps a guest longs to finish school, pursue a new career, or travel. Jeannie closes by making the guest's dream come true. And, often, something positive happens, like a mother letting her know she is proud of her daughter and that she loves her.

If you have the opportunity, I encourage you, with an open mind, to check out the show. You may find that you are very touched by the guests' personal stories and the chance to witness their journeys and growth. 

Your heart may also grow in compassion for that fashion misfit neighbor, coworker, or relative.  There are reasons why people present themselves to the world in the way that they do. This show will give you some honest insight into a myriad of reasons that will also allow your heart to grow for others and yourself.  

Jeannie Mai's tweet about this blog post!

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year dear Makeup Artists, Stylists, and Enthusiasts!

Image from Mag4Style

2012 is upon us. Tell us WHO you think should be featured on our Makeup Artist Wall of Fame.

Perhaps you know about a product or company that is giving back to the community.

Tell us us about it here by responding to this post.

Happy 2012!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on Celebrity Makeup Artist Kelly Robertson & Chemo Diva

Congratulations are in order to Celebrity Makeup Artist Kelly Robertson!  Recently, at Nineveh Makeup Ministries, we posted a last-minute request for your support/vote for Kelly's amazing makeup ministry, Chemo Diva, through which, at absolutely no charge, she supports women who are going through chemotherapy treatments by offering pampering beauty treatments. These include the application of semi-permanent makeup from her Celebrity Lipstick line, including eye brow color.  Since hair is often lost during chemo, this treatment can make a world of difference in a woman's confidence during this difficult time.

You stepped up to the task and helped Kelly WiN!

Thank you everyone who helped, and congratulations, Kelly!

Kelly's website is: www.CelebrityLipstick.com

If you know a Makeup Artist or Beauty Company that is doing something to give back or make the world a better place, please let us know so that we can honor the individual or company!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Take 5 Minutes to help this Celeb MUA Help Women with Cancer!!!

Kelly Robertson of Chemo Diva brightening the life of a client.
Dear Nineveh Makeup Ministries Readers,

We all come together at this site because we love makeup.  We may admire the artistry of the pros who are blessed enough to do this work for a living.  We may enjoy reading about what people are doing to give back to the community. And, most of us know the benefits we feel, and that we witness others feeling, when we lift our spirits with something as simple as a new lip color or a different technique for applying eye liner.

Women who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments experience things such as hair loss, pale skin, and faded confidence.   Celebrity Makeup Artist Kelly Robertson, who was featured here at Nineveh Makeup Ministries not too long ago, has an amazing organization called Chemo Diva. She pampers women who are going through chemo, and she doesn't charge a penny.

Now, you can help Kelly in her efforts, and it won't cost you a penny either. What it will cost you is about 5 minutes of your time and your willingness to register with a website that will allow you to vote for her organization, Chemo Diva.  I just did it. It literally took about 5 minutes.

It made me feel amazing to be able to vote for her and all she is doing. It was such a small sacrifice of time from my morning. 

I am encouraging all readers of Nineveh Makeup Ministries to CLICK HERE now, and follow the instructions to vote for Kelly Robertson's Chemo Diva.

Please Hurry!!!

The contest ends on JUNE 15, 2011.  This is a last minute notice. We have 1 day to get our votes in.

Please feel free to comment here with any thoughts and to let me know if you voted!
In kindness,
aka Nineveh

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celebrity Makeup Artist Keisha Willis Gives Back!

Model turned Makeup Artist
Keisha Willis
Nineveh: How and when did you get started in makeup?

Keisha: I came into this field backwards. I started as a model and was trained by my agency.  At fashion shows other models would ask me to do their makeup too.  So I’ve been doing it a pretty long time.  But just doing makeup – no modeling for about 6 years.

Nineveh: Which makeup artists inspire(d) you?

Wow they’re so many great artist out here.  I think my first MUA I feel in love with was Kevin Aucoin. I still have his book Making Faces. Others that inspired me are Sam Fine, Billy B, KJB and several artist on Model Mayhem – too many to name. I love go getters, plus these guys do absolutely beautiful work. I really, really love Mally Roncal. I just smile when I say her name. Not only is she extremely talented but she has a wonderfully infectious personality so bubbly and she’s dresses so cute. I really don’t like the all black clothing thing all the time. I want to add some life into this world just like Mally!

Nineveh: And you certainly do, Keisha!   Tell us about your journey to becoming a full-time freelance makeup artist. What steps did you have to take to become completely self-sufficient as a makeup artist?

Pro MUA Keisha Willis on set
Keisha: Oh my goodness -- it was a journey. I wanted to quit several times.  In this business I learned early that confidence is KEY, and I allowed my confidence to be shaken so many times in the beginning stages. I have had times of feeling like I wasn’t a “real” makeup artist because I didn’t do this full time, but now I see AMAZING artists like Ren-Ren who lets you know that this judgment isn’t true.  In short, I tried to assist a lot of artist – didn’t make too much progress doing that until last year.  I think it’s important to work with other artist because you learn so much from them and pick up so many great tricks.  I did tons of research on You Tube looking at artist like Encore and Ren Ren and others, enhancing my technique. And, of course, hanging on to every word of the “Greats” mentioned above.  Then I was fortunate enough to do a few celebrities and my business just blossomed. I was taking off so much time from my full time job I had to quit.

Nineveh: What a great recap of your journey Keisha. Being that you were able to succeed, what advice would you give to aspiring makeup artists who are considering this career path?

A page from
Keisha Willis' Portfolio
Keisha:To start, really get to know the business. They should know the” Greats” all the way back to Max Factor (he was really a person). :-)  They should know how to do makeup of different periods 20s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s… Each decade was unique. A director or photographer doesn’t have time to teach you – they’ll give you some direction, and you have to know how to run with it. Do a lot of research so you can become experienced, take classes to learn the business and enhance your skills, network and develop a plan, know what field you want to be in – do you like FX makeup or do like the fashion industry or brides? And, have a great personality. Don’t be fake -  people can tell. Be pleasant to be around. Know the rates of other artists and don’t undercut, because you hurt the whole industry when you do. Getting Crystal Wrigt’s book and taking her classes is key in my opinion.

Nineveh: Thank you for that, Keisha.   You have an impressive portfolio. What have been some of your favorite gigs? 

Keisha: Thank you so much. I’m always honored when someone says that. Seriously -- I’m very flattered when someone appreciates my work. I have worked with so many creative photogs.  One photog and stylist actually made outfits out of bubble wrap! That was a fun shoot.  I love working with creative people because the synergy in the room is unreal.  We feed off of each other and come up with great ideas. Another really fun shoot is when I did a Barbie inspired shoot- every girl wants to be Barbie.

Nineveh: Barbie or a celebrity! :-)    Have you ever worked on a celebrity?

A page from Keisha Willis' Portfolio
Keisha:  Yes I have a few that I would like to work with. My list is long. Every celeb I have worked with has been so sweet.  I’ve worked with Judge Hatchet a few times.  She is AMAZING, she makes you feel so at home and welcomed into her space. I’ve also worked with Isis and Sandra – both models on ANTM. That was a surreal experience.  I’ve worked with Paul Warton of Bravo, Chip Wade on HGTV,  but that’s enough name dropping. :-)  But who I’d love work with is Michelle Obama – she’s such a fashion icon. I’d love to do Kim Kardasshian or any Kardashini for that matter, Vanessa Williams, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani -- and lets top it all off with an H&M ad Campaign. I’m actually drooling now. Told you I had a long list.

Nineveh: You are too funny! Ok, off of that topic and on to your favorite items.   What are some of your “must have” products for your own personal kit and for your professional set kit?

Keisha: My Graftobian pallet, my SmashBox highlighter (I’m sorry I don’t know the specific name I bought it at a makeup show it’s in a circle container and the stuff is AWESOME), my Urban Decay eye shadow pallets and q-tips!!

Nineveh: Great choices! And, last but not least, Nineveh highlights artists who give back.  What do you do to make the world a beautiful place?

Keisha: I think it’s so important to be a genuinely good person and I really try to do this often. I volunteer a lot at my church and I’m working with Dress For Success to do a seminar with their clients, because I feel like if you look good on the outside you’ll feel good on the inside.  I constantly look for ways that I can help others. I believe in paying it forward.  I also only charge my grads and prom students a fraction of my normal prices and do tons of free work for fashion shows that are charitable events.

Nineveh: I love it!  Anything else that the world should know about you?

Keisha: Well as I said in the beginning I started in this world as a model and modeling is my first love.  I give new models pep talks when they are in my chair and often make friend with them because of it.  I’m also pursuing my MBA and Master’s in Management. Education is very important.  You must know how to build your brand and your business.  I’m a wife and mom of two beautiful girls! Life is good.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Professional Makeup Artist & YouTube Guru: Eman

She's talented. A go-getter. And she is making her dreams come true as a professional makeup artist with a growing fanbase on YouTube. Meet: Eman.

Professional Makeup Artist Eman with Client
Nineveh: Eman, tell us how you got started in makeup.

Eman: I started doing makeup about 3 years ago.  It was kind of a fluke.  I was working on my own fashion line at the time but I quickly realized that wasn't my passion.  I started doing styling, then, through that, I got into makeup, and I fell in love with it.  I haven't looked back since.

Nineveh: Tell us about your journey to becoming a full-time freelance makeup artist. What steps did you have to take to become completely self-sufficient as a makeup artist?

Eman: I started to network with people in the industry.  I slowly started to build my portfolio by doing lots of creative shoots.  I made business cards and handed them out to everyone I knew.  I made a website, a Facebook group, a YouTube channel, and I joined Twitter.  At the beginning I did LOTS of volunteer work, and with time it eventually turned into paid work. Now I have a large network of photographers and stylists that I work with.  And, I am repped by an agency that helps with getting me work as a freelance artist.

An example of Eman's work from her portfolio

Nineveh:    By sharing your experience here, you are likely inspiring potential, aspiring makeup artists. What further advice would you give to them about a career path in makeup?

Eman: Make sure you absolutely love being a makeup artist because it’s a lot of work and that passion for what you do is what will make you successful.  Also, never stop learning.  

Nineveh: And along the way in your newfound passion, which makeup artists inspire(d) you?

Eman: I get inspiration from so many artists.  I look up to past teachers of mine who are now my mentors.  Makeup artists like Troy Jensen, Billy B and Lottie Star are some of my favorites to draw inspiration from.

Another beautiful example of Eman's work from her portfolio

    You have an impressive portfolio. What have been some of your favorite gigs?

Eman: I love doing fashion editorials because they give you the chance to be as creative as you want and there are really no rules. 

    Have you ever worked on a celebrity? If so, tell us who and a little bit about your experience. If not, is there a celebrity you would like to work with? Why?

Eman: I would love to work with someone like Lady Gaga.  She loves creating amazing visuals that are so different and unique.  She loves taking risks and her makeup is never boring.

    You have an amazing fan base of nearly 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. What do you think you offer that attracts people to hit that ‘subscribe’ button?

Eman: I keep the focus of my videos on just makeup.  I don't talk about my personal life, I don't do haul videos or outfit videos.  It’s just makeup.  So my subscribers know what they are getting.  If they want a certain makeup look, they can come to my channel and they'll most likely find a tutorial for what they are looking for, so they keep coming back. 

Nineveh: That makes sense. And, what are some of your “must have” products for your own personal kit and for your professional set kit?

Eman: I love MakeUp ForEver, so I have lots of 'must haves' from them.  I can't live without the Make Up ForEver HD Powder, HD Primer and HD Foundation.  I also love their Aqualip pencils and their Aquablack cream liner.  I love the NARS velvet matte pencils.  I love MAC's Smolder eye pencil, and one of my favorite glosses is their Dazzleglass in Sugarimmed.

Nineveh: A Nineveh Makeup Ministries interview wouldn’t be complete without learning what it is that you do to make the world a beautiful place. So tell us about that aspect of your life.

Eman: I believe giving back to charity is really important.  I like to volunteer my services for charity fashion shows and charity auctions.  I like to help in any way I can help for a cause I believe in.
Another example of Eman's work from her portfolio

 Anything else that the world should know about you?

Eman:I have a wonderful hubby that supports me in everything I do and I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for him :) 


Eman is based in Vancouver-Canada and can be reached/followed in the following ways:
Eman's blog, where she shares shots from her photo shoot gigs:
Eman's Official Website: http://www.emanmakeup.com/

Monday, April 4, 2011

And the Winner of the Debra Macki Palette Is...

Thank you to Everyone who participated in this giveaway.

Debra Macki & The Yellow Umbrella organization generously donated 2 Monaco Eyeshadow palettes, created by Celebrity Makeup Artist Debra Macki in support of The Yellow Umbrella Foundation's mission to educate and help eradicate cervical cancer. One palette was for my use and review, the other was to give away to YOU!

You have been so generous with your time, commenting on the blog entry related to this contest, sharing the video, and tweeting your little hearts out with the hash tag #savethehooch (which we encourage you to continue to do). One of the biggest things I have learned during this contest is that we need to get people aware of this issue and how to protect themselves.

Many of you shared personal, touching stories, while many others shared that this was the first that they heard of cervical cancer, HPV, and the things we as women can do to protect ourselves and educate others.

I am so honored and blessed to be a part of helping to bring this information to many women.

And now, the winner, chosen at random, is...

DEVONNA, who posted on the blog on 3/25!!!!

Devonna, please go to the contact page, send me your mailing address, and your palette will be on its way!

Thank you to everyone who particpated, and let's all congratulate Devonna!